Church Sermon Repurposing 

Make Your sermon last the entire week.

You spend days on your sermon. Let's make sure that your church people spend days meditating on it.

You spend a lot of time prepping, practicing, and finalizing your sermon during the week, only for it to potentially go in one ear and out the other. Rather than saying, "it is what it is," let's take your sermon and extend it through the entire week!

By creating social media posts, blog posts, and podcasts based off of your  sermon, you can be sure to continually reach both your congregation and new people throughout the week.

What Are Different Ways to Repurpose a Sermon

Take quotes and points from your sermon notes, and use those as social media posts.

Take audio and video clips from your message and post bite sized snippets.

Create a blog on your website based off of your sermons so that visitors already feel like you are speaking to them before they walk through the doors, without having to listen to the sermon.

Create a sermon audio podcast so that people can listen on the go.


Church Sermon Repurposing Examples

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Church Sermon Repurposing Pricing

For Churches under 125 Average Attendance


What Does This Package Include

1 Simple & Clean Sermon Series Graphic for both social media and for in-person worship per month.

3 Social Media Posts per week on both Instagram and Facebook. Three based off of your sermon, one inspirational to kick off the week.

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