3 Easy Social Media Posts to Help Your Sermons Last the Whole Week

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When I was taught how to preach, I was told that you have to have three things attached to each point that you give in a sermon . . . or the whole sermon for that matter. Those three sections are:

  1. Explanation
  2. Illustration
  3. Application

You tell the congregation what the text is saying, you use an illustration to bring that explanation to life, and then you tell people how to apply it to his or her every day life. 

Although the explanation and application of a text and bullet point are arguably the most import pieces of your sermon, the illustration is what helps people remember what you taught and breathes life into the words you’re saying.

When it comes to creating social media posts for your church, you might as well repurpose the content you have already put a ton of time into! I believe the illustration is the best piece of sermon content that you can repurpose and recreate to grow your social media presence . . . without having to figure out what you should create next!

In this episode of the Small Church Media Podcast, I talk about three different ways that you can repurpose your sermon illustrations to help your illustrations last all week long in the minds of your people.

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