4 Reasons Why Sermon Graphics Are A Good Use of Your Limited Time

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Continuing the conversation from last week about sermon graphics, you may be sitting there thinking, “Sure, sermon graphics are cool, but they take so much time and effort. Are they even worth it?” If this is you, you are not alone!

In this weeks episode of the Small Church Media Podcast, I give four reasons why sermon graphics are a good use of your limited time, and those reasons are full of stats and statics to back up the reasons! By the end of this conversation, I hope you begin to see the importance of church sermon series graphics and know where you can find them (if you don’t want to create them yourself).

Links mentioned in the episode:

Where to get sermon graphics:
Your Presentation software like https://www.worshiptools.com
Using a graphics creator like Canva Pro’s templates (https://www.canva.com)

Connect with Marc:
Email: hello@smallchurch.media
Website: https://smallchurch.media
Website: https://marchyde.com

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