4 Tests to See if Your Website is Doing its Job

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Your church website has a job to do – provide people with all the information that they want to know about your church AND then get people to come to a worship service. Have you ever stopped and asked the question, “is my website even doing it’s job well?” I mean, we ask that question of our employees all the time, so why not our church website, too?

In this episode of the Small Church Media Podcast, I provide 4 tests that you can put your church website through and based on how your website performs, these tests help you to know where you should begin with getting your church website up to speed!

To help with the process of running your website through these 4 tests, I also create a free downloadable PDF Small Church Website Audit that will walk you through each one of these tests. You can download that resource here: https://smallchurch.media/product/small-church-website-audit/

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