5 Questions to Ask to Prepare your Church Media for 2022.

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Your church is on Facebook and instagram, you have a website, texting platform, giving platform, church management software, etc., and you’re excited for all the digital media and program that your church uses, but have you ever stopped and wondered WHY you have these different media platforms, WHAT are their purpose, and IF you’re using them well? 

So many churches have a website because they’re supposed to. So many have facebook because it’s a good tool. Many church have instagram because “that’s where the millennials are,” but unless you know WHY you are doing what you’re doing and HOW you will accomplish your goals, you could be wasting your time and efforts. You need to have a mission and a vision for your media, digital content, and online programs.

So as we begin to close out 2021 and look forward to 2022, I want to help you think through your media this past year and prepare yourself and your church for what’s next!

So here are the 5 Questions that you need to ask in order to Prepare your Church Digital Media for 2022:

1. What is the church’s overall mission and does our media support the mission?

2. What is the purpose of each platform you’re on and using?

3. What is considered a “win” on this platform?

4. What will help your people grow?

5. What will help your church grow?

In this episode of the podcast, we break down these five questions and if you can answer them all, you can be sure that you are ready for 2022.

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