How to Start an Online Ministry for Your Church Congregation

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We are living in the digital era which means more and more platforms, places, and things are moving online. Everything from shopping to ordering food to watching TV is all done  digitally and from the comfort of your own home.

In the recent years, church leaders have started having debates if the church should step into this online arena and have digital platforms. Many pastors and churches have risen to the challenge and have created large online ministries, online worship experiences (full of pre service content, news-like banner reels, and amazing videography), and social media presences. Others, have pushed back and said, “the church should never be online.”

And then there are people who are in the middle. These are the people that know that online is here to stay, but understand that the church is supposed to be the gathering of the called out ones. These are the people that know that they can reach more people online, but they may not think that they have the time, energy, and budget to do it.

If this is you, you’re going to love today’s episode because in this episode, we are going to break down some of those barriers to getting your church’s online presence established. We are going to go over a few quick ways that your church can start an online ministry, and WHY you should think about this moving into the new year. And let me say that when I say “online ministry,” I’m talking about starting an online ministry for YOUR CHURCH PEOPLE.

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