If You’re Going to Create a Podcast for Your Church, Where Do You Begin?

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Last week on the podcast, we talked about how podcasting could be the new Sunday School for churches in the modern, digital age. In this weeks episode, Marc begins talking about how you go about setting up a podcast for your church to make sure that you get off on the correct footing!

From settling on the purpose of your new podcast, your set-up, the show formatting, and the gear needed to pull off a great show, this episode gives you an over-arching approach to starting your podcast for your church or ministry, while also providing you an actual, step by step guide to get started.

Resources Mentioned in the Show:
Hosting Platforms:

Audio Technica ATR2100
Samson Q2U
RodeCaster Pro
USB Audio Interface

Mac: GarageBand
PC: Audacity

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