Is Podcasting the New Sunday School for Small Churches?

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In the 18th Century, Sunday School was created to fill a need in people’s community. What was the need? Education. Since the evolution of society and ministry, Sunday School switched from being a place where children and adults were given a basic education to a place where people were being taught about the basics of the faith. However, in recent years, Sunday School numbers have be dwindling, leaving churches asking the question, “How do we get people to come back to Sunday School and the church building to grow their faith?”

In this episode of the Small Church Media Podcast, Marc talks about how we need to flip our focus from getting people to come to the church to learn more about their faith and instead get out to our congregation. How do we do this? Through podcasting. This episode is the first of many episodes talking about the benefits of podcasting for your church, how it can help grow the faith on your congregation throughout the week, and how, if done correctly, can succeed in the same goals for which churches still do Sunday School.

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