The Finer Points of Podcasting: 5 Questions Every Podcaster Asks When Getting Started

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I am in many different Facebook groups for podcasting (both Christian and secular), and every time someone decides to make the plunge into the podcasting world, 5 questions tend to be asked:

Question 1: Where do I get music for my intro music and outro music.

Question 2: Where should I host my podcasts? 

Question 3: How does platforms like Apple Podcast and Spotify work?

Question 4: Do I have to make new graphics every week for the podcast?

Question 5: Do I also have to have my own website with my podcast?

In this episode of the Small Church Media Podcast, I set out to answer each of these 5 questions so that as you begin your podcasting journey for your new digital ministry, you can be sure that you how podcast truly works and are technically prepared to launch your show!

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