Using FOMO and a Digital Marketing Strategy to Increase Excitement for the Christmas Season

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FOMO, the fear of missing out, is what causes so many people to do what they do, whether good or bad. In fact, many business people and musical artist have been able to use FOMO as a way to make sure that their events are well attended, that people are engaged while at the event, and then have people talk about that event for months for come. I believe that the church can use FOMO as a way to do just this with the Christmas season: have hire attended events, keep people engaged while at the event, and then talk about the event for months to come!

In this episode of the Small Church Media Podcast, I give three ways that you can lean into the FOMO culture and create some amazing events for your church people and then use digital media to use those events as a catalyst for excitement and engagement of your people, and in doing such, hopefully create opportunity to see new people walk through your church doors.

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