What Is Branding And Why It Matters For Your Church

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Simply put, a brand is how a company visually and verbally presents itself to the world. A brand consists of logos, color pallets, verbiage, and mission statements all with the goal of telling people their “why” they exist, “how” they seek to fulfill their why, and “what” they will do to put feet to the vision. But branding isn’t all about how a company presents itself, it also consists of how people view and perceive the company.

Whether you want to admit it or not, every church has a brand. Every church presents itself in such a way with a logo, a mission statement, services and ministry, and churches also have a reputation in the community. 

Rather than being scared of the marketing term, “your church brand,” churches need to think through and be prepared to create a brand for themselves in order to make sure that people know what they are about and have a great reputation in the community.

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