What is the MetaVerse and Should Small Churches Embrace this New Digital Phenomenon?

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If you look around at your city, you may start seeing VR Arcades (virtual reality arcades) pop up! This fun and new exciting technology is able to let people actually FEEL like they are in a real life game. From roller coaster rides, escape rooms, racing, and first person shooter games, Virtual Reality is giving consumers an experience like never before!

Virtual Reality, though, is not a new concept; however, because of recent technology improvements, virtual reality is now able to be a common household experience where companies and game creators are able to create open spaces where people can step in, create an avatar, and experience life like never before! Like literally, think of the blue Avatar people from Disney. Just like the human took on the form of an avatar and lived in that reality, though he body stayed on earth, we now are able to sit in our homes and enter into a whole new world and live a life like never before.

And just like companies and game creators are stepping into this new open digital world, church are beginning to step into this virtual world, have worship services, small groups, and even baptisms! What do we call this new virtual world? The MetaVerse.

So what should we do with this new phenomenon called the MetaVerse and should small churches step into this new world? Let’s talk about it!

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