What’s More Important: Facebook or a Website?

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What’s more important? Having a facebook page or having a website?

Now obviously, I’m going to say “both,” but I have heard it said from many people that the website isn’t as important as the church’s facebook page. So let’s talk about it!

Facebook lets people see, in real time, what is happening with your church. Photos of events, families, services, and everything else shows the community that cool stuff is actually happening at the church!

Your website systematically tells people your beliefs, your mission and vision, the layout and times of your ministries, and introduces them to the life of your church. Your website is also your central hub for putting your sermons in one location as well as an easy way for people to give online.

So which should you focus on? Well, in my opinion, your website is the bedrock of your online presence but facebook is what lets people actually see what’s going on in your church in real time. 

Now, I can’t see which one will bring in the most people because honestly, people don’t just come to church because of a good website or a strong social media presence. People bring people to church. You can actually have no online presence at all and still have a healthy church!

However, when people are invited to your church, they are going to check you out to know what to expect.

As a small church, you may not have time to keep up with social media as much as you’d like. A website though? You only need to update every so often with new pictures and text to keep up with any changes.

So if you ask me, for a small little church, I would say make sure you have a great website in place and have your Google my Business up and running!

If you have the time, use facebook, too! We talked the other week about types of social media posts you can create, so I encourage you to check out that video here: https://youtu.be/da4BrR6nYNE

But if you ask me, which is more important? Facebook or a website? I would say that a website is more important longterm.

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